Craig Potato operates with strong values and principles and a willingness to try new ideas to stay current in the potato industry.  This outlook has not only been successful for the current generation, but the six previous generations.  The original farm in Tryon, PEI was purchased in 1840 by Johnny “Brick” Leard.  It was bought by Johnny as a retirement farm as he originally owned a brick manufacturing factory.  Like most farms of the day, it was operated as a mixed farm caring for different types of livestock and harvesting a small acreage of various crops.  The farm passed through two generations until Fred Leard took possession and expanded the farm.  He put together the original hundred acre block of land that would be farmed by Craig Potato.  Fred farmed the land well and eventually passed it on to one of his daughters, Jessie and her husband, Eric Craig.  Eric continued with the mixed farming program specializing in potatoes, mangles and turnips.  He was also a skilled livestock dealer and race horse owner.  Eric passed the farm down to his son Lester and his wife, Sharon, who are writing a new chapter of this farm's history with their sons Mark and Brent.  Today the farm is thriving not only in crop growth but in family life.  Lester and Sharon now have fourteen grandchildren who enjoy the farm, including the three children of Mark and his wife, Tammy, and the three children of Brent and his wife, Lauren.

The Craigs